Sunday, October 3, 2010

Windows Speed Optimization & Cleaning Tool

If you find that the performance of your computer is degrading because of lots of temporary, unused junk on your computer and you don’t have hours to spend on searching those dump files and then delete them from your computer, then you can use a tool called SlimCleaner to maintain your computer.
SlimCleaner is a very easy tool developed by Microsoft certified partner, Slimware Utilities. As you know that the only automatic way to delete junk data from windows is by using a windows inbuilt tool, Disk Cleanup. But Disk Cleanup is very slow and consumes lots of time. So if want to save your time, you can use this innovative tool which not only can delete junk data but even is integrated with various other useful application.
04-09-2010 00-58-00
This tool is complete solution for all your PC maintenance problems. I know that their are several other tools available over internet like CCleaner, System Cleaner etc. but believe me you will find this tool better than all of them. When you open this tool you will see a window as shown above.
The first function which this tool performs is as Cleaner. You will just need to click on Analyze button and then this tool will automatically scan for all temporary, junk and unused files from your computer.
04-09-2010 01-37-24
This tool will take some time in analysing your system and once it finished analysing, you will be just need to click on Run Cleaner option to clear all those junk files which this tool has analysed. So in just two clicks, you will find a lot of improvement in your system’s performance. You can have a look over following snapshot to see how it actually functions.
04-09-2010 01-42-14
You can even customize this this tool by unmarking or marking various locations, which you want this tool to analyse. On main window itself you can see lots of options under tab Windows, Application and Browser. So if you want to change them, you can even customize it according to your usage. The next option available is Optimize.
04-09-2010 01-49-33
This option will allow you to see your CPU and RAM usage in meter form and will also tell you about rating of your installed software. When you switch on your computer, windows take more time in installing because it also loads some of your software at start up. So by using this option, you can remove some of those software which you don’t want to run on start up. This will make your process of starting and shutting down of Windows even more faster.
04-09-2010 01-55-25
Now the next option is Uninstaller. You can use this option to uninstall any third party software installed on your computer. To uninstall any software, just select on the particular software which you want to uninstall and then press Uninstall.
04-09-2010 01-58-43
If you want to securely remove a file, then you will need to enter that file in this tool and then press the button SHRED. This tool will then automatically overwrite data permanently over that particular file. You can even select complete folder in this option. Hijack log will give you all the internal log entries of you computer. You can add or delete log entries, using this option.
Now the last option is Windows Tools. When you press on this option, a new window will open as follows.
04-09-2010 02-05-11
So here this tool will allow you to access all useful inbuilt system maintaining tools of your windows. To access any tool you just need to click on that particular tool. So this tool will also save your lot of time in searching of inbuilt tool from start menu.
The size of this tool is 3.28 Mb and still it will not take much time to get installed and as usual it will create a desktop shortcut which can be used to use this freeware. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and has been tested successfully on Windows 7-32 bit edition.
Download SlimCleaner