Saturday, October 16, 2010

Safe, Easy Way To Download Latest New MP3 Songs

We are always in search of the original music.But simply have to end  up with the songs available on the sharing basis. Also, we feel unsecure due to the viruses or malwares. We don’t like to have a collection of pirated versions available. Sometimes, we have to download many files to get a good audio quality. To tackle with these problems, a found a very good solution named as mulve. Mulve is a tool that helps you to download music direct from the server and not by peer to peer connections.
Mulve is a freeware of 2 MB only. It is available as a zipped file containing two files. One is the portable software which enables to download the MP3 songs. Another is to donate for the software if you want. It has been tested with different scanners and declared as virus free tool. The download is not through the shared files as in You Tube or BitTorrent.
You just have to enter your choice and click on the search button. The result will be displayed in few seconds. I was amazed by the fast speed. The details related to the songs will be displayed as shown. You can click on the save button to download the songs. There is no preview option. So, you have to download the songs to enjoy the music.
The tool enables you to download many songs at the same time. The downloading speed and progress will be displayed side by side as shown in the snapshot below.
The songs will be saved in the C drive by default. You may face some problems if you change the location at the time of downloading. So, the better option is to download the songs and change its location later on. You can also simply archive the songs in the zipped file of mulve also. The tool does not facilitate for uploading option as it does not allow sharing.
The tool has been recently designed and it is in great demand. So, sometimes there may be problem in downloading. But once you will start using it, you’ll surely enjoy it and find it easy and efficient.
You can go through the video shown below to understand the working of this tool.
Now, feel free to download all the songs. You can have a good collection of all the latest songs by the fast and easy search. No need to worry about the viruses or pirated songs. The tool has been tested on Windows 7, so it will be compatible with all the other versions also.
Download Mulve