Monday, October 18, 2010

Add Extra Options In Right Click Send To Menu

In the present technical era, life has become so fast that we can’t afford to waste the time on small things. Sometimes, it is very time consuming to manage the files and folders. To switch between windows to operate with various files makes the task complicated. To handle such situations, I would like to review a tool known as Send To Toys. It is a wonderful tool to make tasks simpler. It will be of great use for the people who are not much handy in multitasking. You can work with them from their original location.
Send To Toys is a very light freeware of 918 kb only. So, you can download it very fast. It is an enhancement of the Send To system menu. During installation, you can specify what is your choice or requirements. Make the selection with the help of the Setup console window shown in the snapshot below at the time of installation.
Each components will help you to carry out a specific function. The components have additional facilities by the use shortcut hotkeys which makes the tool more purposeful. The snapshot below shows the use of features provided by the tool.
The Send to option which usually consists of  few options, is now available with a long list.
  • Send to Clipboard (as name) will copy the path of the file or folder to the clipboard. Press and hold Ctrl when you click on this command to change the settings.
  • Send to Command Prompt will open the file name in the DOS window. The folder containing the file or the folder itself will act as the current directory. Hold the Ctrl key along with the command to change the current directory to another folder. Hold the Shift key along with the command to force the file to It can be used for all windows versions.
  • Send to Default Mail Recipient will enable to send a new email along with the file as attachment.
  • Send to Favourites will add the shortcut to the favourites list on your web browser. Hold the Ctrl key along with the command to change the shortcut name.
  • Send to Folders can be chosen to copy, move or create the shortcut. The settings related to the destination folder and others can be changed. The function can be selected either from the window as shown in snapshot or the shortcuts are:
    • Copy- By default
    • Move- Hold Shift along with the command
    • Create shortcut- Hold Shift + Ctrl along with command.
Browse For Folder_2010-09-09_21-14-10
  • Send to Quick Launch creates a shortcut on the Quick Launch Toolbar.
  • Send to Recycle Bin will send the file to the recycle bin. Press Ctrl along with the command for file shredding.
  • Send to Run will send the file to run command.
You can add some folders which are required frequently. For this you have to change the configurations of the tool. Add or remove the file/ folder/ or any other component as shown in the snapshot below.
Add to Send To_2010-09-09_10-17-24
Make your tasks more comfortable and easy with the help of the software. The software can be used for Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003 server/ Vista/ 7/ 2008 server.
Download Send To Toys