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How to Disable Caps Lock Key in Windows 7 or Vista

The caps lock key is one of those remnants of another age of computers, back when people used to shout at each other more often. Unless you're in the accounting department, it's probably not very useful, so today we'll learn how to disable it.

If you're using Mac OS X instead, you can follow our guide on how to disable Caps Lock in OS X using a registry hack, or you can map any key to any key if you really want to.

Note: This article was originally published years ago, but we've updated it and are republishing for everybody that might not have seen it. Image by Laurence Vagner

Understanding How Windows Key Re-Mapping Works

Windows doesn't have a default setting to allow for disabling the key, so what we have to do is re-map the key to something non-existent so as to completely disable it. To do this manually, you'd open up regedit.exe and browse down to the following key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout


Here's the format of the binary data in the Scancode Map key, with the important parts in bold and various colors:

00000000 00000000 02000000 00003A00 00000000

Here's how it works:

  • The first 16 zeros are just there to waste space.
  • The "02″ in bold represents how many keys you are going to re-map plus 1. (It really represents the length of the data, but whatever)
  • The orange bolded "0000″ is the key we actually want Windows to map TO, which in this case is nothing, or 0.
  • The blue bolded "3A00″ is the key we are mapping from, in this case the caps lock key.
  • The next 8 zeros are there to waste space as the null terminator.

You can map between multiple keys by incrementing the "02″ and then adding another of the colorful bold blocks in the middle. The 3A00 in the mix is the scan code.  For example, if you wanted to disable the caps lock key and then change scroll lock into a caps lock key:

00000000 00000000 03000000 00003A00 3A004600 00000000

It might seem complicated, but it's really fairly simple once you start working with it.

Downloadable Registry Hack to Disable or Remap the Caps Lock Key

Now that you've learned how these things work internally, you can download and extract the zipfile which contains the following files:

ChangeCapsToControl.regChanges Caps Lock to be a Control key
ChangeCapsToShift.regChanges Caps Lock to be a Shift key
SwitchCapsToScrollLock.regDisables Caps Lock and swaps Scroll lock to be Caps Lock
KillCapsLock.regDisables Caps Lock
DisableKeyboardRemapUninstalls the preference by deleting the key

Once you've applied one of these registry files, you'll have to reboot your computer for it to work. To uninstall, you can use the uninstall registry tweak, or you can simply delete the Scancode Map key entirely.

Download Keyboard Mappings Registry Tweaks

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SHARE_UR_PANT USB Device Features Innovative Music Playing And Sharing

he Facebook "Share it" button is surely one of the most commonly found items in any website that has been created to give an opportunity for the people to let their caring one know about something worth it. To align with this "Sharing is Caring" philosophy, SHARE_UR_PANT USB device concept has been designed with the ability to share music, files, photos and most of all, emotion with each other.

Made in a fun shape with two functional parts, the lower pant end a USB memory and the upper end a music player, this innovative device can become the best buddy of young generation. The hands contain the next and back button for easy navigating through your files, while the play button and pause button located at the face, giving you ultimate ease of use. Being featured with a wide range of colors, sharing your files will also make it possible to give the cookie shaped device a perfect matched dress up as per your taste.

Designer : Alessandro Martorelli

share ur pant usb device

share ur pant usb device

share ur pant usb device

share ur pant usb device

share ur pant usb device

What are the qualities, which you have and other do not have?

What are the qualities, which you have and other do not have?


Life is full of challenges. We meet many confront in our daily life. When we are at the stage of entering school/college/university, we face many hard nut cracking challenges and learn many lessons of practical life through them.

After acquiring graduation/post graduation, students usually move towards their specialization or adopt a profession of their choices, according to their own interest, keeping in view the market demand. 

Talents and Skills are the only tools, which could lead an individual towards the door of success in this challenging time. To qualify for a professional degree or a job, one should have strong past educational background along with integrated multi dimensional skills. 

It's of no use acquiring higher degree without building character, confidence, and expressive personality.

To meet the challenges of professional life, one has to be familiar with many skills to grab the attention of an interviewer, out of which Interview skills are the basic necessities to meet up the future challenges with success. 

Either you are applying for a job or want to qualify an entrance examination for a professional degree; you should have to be prepared in advance for an interview. It's the only way you through which you can gain the trust of an interviewer.

An interviewer always attempt to decide that why they should select you? What are the qualities, which you have and other do not have? How can you benefit their organization? If you can show your trust, your confidence, your commitment, and appropriate skills, then you could win a successful future.

Interview is a form of oral communication. It's one to one, or one to group interaction, where an applicant proves themselves as a unique person to be the part of an organization. Remember that interview is always pre-planned and structured. It's a formal presentation between an interviewer and an interviewee. Only those pass it with flying colours, who are original and show their interest with confidence and who present themselves appealing.

There are many types of interview like Information gathering interview, appraisal interview, exit interview, hiring interview, college/ university interview, persuasive interview, counseling interview and many more. In this article, we are going to learn about College/ university entrance and Hiring interview.

Hiring/Entrance Interview is one of the best known and the most widely experienced type of interview, where an interviewer is taken by Human Resource Manager/ Educational Expertise. To reduce your chances being rejected, here are some basic professional skills, which will lead you towards the path of success in your interview. 


First of all, prepare your mind in advance, that you are going to have an interview next morning. Relax yourself and do not get nervous, tense or tired at any cost. Before going for an interview, pre-planned few things:

1. Learn about the company, organization or educational institution and do some research in advance.

2. Why should you perform an advance research?

3. Simply to develop good answers and to prove yourself unique.

4. What you have to Research?

5. You can gather information about organizational structure; type of their clients/ students; departments and its branches; past and present achievements etc. Simply search yellow pages or ask your friend or family member/relative who are familiar about organization or you can collect information through newspapers and websites.

Prepare answers to typical questions. Practice your answer and never rote learn it. Here are few of the sampling questions, which you can practice in advance.

1. What do you feel about our organization?

2. What are your weaknesses?

3. Why do you want to become a part of our organization?

4. Tell me about your self and about your hobbies.

5. Who is your role model and why? If you are lucky to know the name of a person, who will interview you, then memorizes his/her name properly. Decide what to wear. Remember to Dress simply but elegantly. Dress should be well ironed without crease. Wear comfortable shoes. remember to wear basic hosiery. You can even check what management wears and dress similarly without over kill. Do not Dress casual or wear Athletic Shoes. Do not spray lots of cologne or wear lots of jewellery. Do not wear wrinkled attire or flashing tie. Prepare your file having your portfolio, educational degree copies and extra copies of your resume. Find proper address in advance, that where are you going in the morning. Last but not the least; get a good night sleep. 


Take a bath. Do not apply heavy makeup. Always carry a purse or a small handy briefcase with you. Do carry your portfolio file. Dress effectively. Do not eat anything containing garlic or onion in your breakfast. Arrive 15 minutes earlier to show your prompt and seriousness. DURING INTERVIEW Start it off winner. Offer your hand and give a firm shake, else greet them with your pleasant smile. Take a permission to sit on a chair. Show a positive confident attitude and introduce yourself. Don't get tense. Be comfortable and face the interviewer effectively. Listen to their questions effectively and answer it genuinely. Answer every question with confidence. Have a proper eye contact towards your interviewer. Remember that the interviewer might be more than one, so keep your eye contact with every individual interviewer to make them feel unique. Whatever you want to answer, speak clearly with a normal tempo voice. Do not shout. Show your confidence level at every moment of an interview. Show your certifications or achievements only when they ask you to show. Always sit straight. It might help them to analyze your personality and your traits. Use the medium of answer, in which you feel comfortable. Remember to use good grammar and strong vocabulary with neutral accent. Always clarify your answer. Do not say Yes or No. Never complains about your past organization or employees. While giving effective answers. Do not argue and always give respect to your interviewer. Always keep neutral thinking and try to mould your answer according to your interviewer personality. Do not eat chewing gum, while answering questions. If they give you a chance to ask any query or question, only ask relevant question.


Few of the traditional interview questions, which an organization might ask are

1. Tell me about yourself (in two minutes).

2. Why do you feel that you will be successful in ...?

3. Why did you decide to interview with our organization?

4. Are you willing to relocate?

5. Tell me about your scholastic record.

6. Tell me about your extra-curricular activities and interests.

7. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

8. Why should we hire you?

9. Why did you choose to become a teacher, nurse,...?

10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

Posted By : Ayaz Ahmed

Full, Partial Playback Youtube Videos From One Time Frame To Other

There are times when you liked a youtube video and you play it again and again numerous number of times, this could happen with a song video. Now if you have liked the complete video then you would want to play it again and again with an automatic play loop where it gets played until it ends. Another case could be that when you may have liked a part of the video and then you would want that part to be played back again and again in endless manner, which means the video will play back from a certain timeframe A to timeframe B automatically.
12-21-2010 4-14-21 PM
EndlessYouTube is a great website which allows you to loop the full youtube video or a part of it very easily, follow the procedure below to know.
2. Now either search the same video from there, or just copy the youtube video id at the end of the youtube video URL in address bar as shown in the image below.
12-21-2010 4-05-27 PM
3. Now paste this video id code on the text box on the top right of the webpage of and press the loop button

12-21-2010 4-07-19 PM
4. Once this website finds and loads the video, you can specify the time frame A and B point just in case if you want a part of the video to be played back automatically again and again in an unending loop, select the time interval and then press the part loop button as shown in the image below.
12-21-2010 4-23-33 PM
Additional Tip: You can also share this partial or full video un ending loop video through the share URL shown below the youtube video loaded on this site or tweet it on twitter or share on facebook as shown in the image below.
12-21-2010 4-12-15 PM
Another Tip – Check Out Youtube Video Download Method HereHere and Here

Tuvie - Industrial Design and Future Technology

Tuvie - Industrial Design and Future Technology

Retractable Tape Cord : Flat and Anti-Tangle

Wouldn't be great to have this re-designed Retractable Tape Cord? Our traditional extension cords usually need to be mounted on the wall/floor to avoid the mess, but using this new design, no more mess. It can lay flat on the ground and is anti-tangle. This electrical extension cord allows user to pull out the desired length and lock it so that it won't retract. To pull back, just simply press the button on the case. It works just like retractable tape measure. The cord is made with polysiloxane (a silicone polymer), whose properties allow the cord's thin profile and cause it to lay flat. The hidden plug feature makes it easy to carry in a bag.

Designer : Cheng Ho-Tzu

Retractable Tape Cord

Retractable Tape Cord

Retractable Tape Cord

Retractable Tape Cord

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>> How to compile & execute C programs under Linux (Absolute basics)

This article is for those guys who used to write a lot of programs under Windows.. and now have entered the Linux territory. You have probably heard a lot about Linux and how you can do some real good programming under Linux. But right now you cant even get the simplest of Hello World programs to compile.
Here's how you do it -

Procedure :

You can type you C program using any of the editors that are available under Linux such as vi or emacs or any other editor.
Once you have written and saved your C program using any editor return to the prompt. An ls command should display your C program. It should have the .c extension. Now at the prompt type the following

$ gcc -o firstprogram firstprogram.c

If your file is named firstprogram.c then type '-o firstprogram' as the parameter to gcc. This is basically your suggested name for the executable file that gcc would create. In case you typed something like the following

$ gcc firstprogram.c

You would be having a a.out in the same directory as the source C file. This is the default name of the executable that gcc creates. This would create problems when you compile many programs in one directory. So you override this with the -o option followed by the name of the executable

$ gcc -o hello secondprogram.c

Would create an executable by the name hello for your source code named secondprogram.c

Running the executable that you created is as simple as typing the following at the prompt.

$ ./firstprogram
$ ./hello

Or whatever you named your executable.

This is the absolute basics of compiling C programs under Linux. Watch out for the articles that shall explain multiple file program compilation using make and other such tools.

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Heartea Interactive Tumbler Informs You The Temperature Of Your Drink

At first sight, you might think that this tumbler has a nipple. Well, actually it’s an indicator of the beverage temperature in it. Heartea (from the words heart + tea or hearty) is an interactive tumbler that shows you the temperature of your drink from the bulging part of its body. When you touch this part, it will be illuminated with blue or red or orange light telling you the temperature of your drink and at the same time, giving you information about the best time to take a sip. It throbs softly and emotionally just like human’s heartbeat, symbolizing a humane heart sharing and loving each other. There’s magnetic coin at the bottom where you can write a love message with someone whom you share this tumbler with. This product has been designed for Nanum Project where all profits are going to be donated to provide educational scholarships for impoverished children.
Designer : Sangmin Bae of ID+IM Design Lab. KAIST
Heartea Interactive Tumbler
Heartea Interactive Tumbler

Heartea Interactive Tumbler
Heartea Interactive Tumbler
Heartea Interactive Tumbler
Heartea Interactive Tumbler

Find Large Size Emails, Big Attachments In Gmail

We all know that Google has Gmail, which is one of the best email-service providers. Now you may contradict my statement by telling that Gmail does not have the facility to provide the unlimited storage space for your account whereas Hotmail and Yahoo do provide this feature. But you know that 7.5 Gb space which has been allotted by them takes lots and lots of time to be filled and generally most of the users cannot fill it, but the users who are supposed to transfer huge amount of data on the mail, they may face this limited space problem.
Now I can recommend you a remedy that you can go for deleting the heavy mails which are somewhere present in your mail and then your mail account can live up for few more days. But now again a problem arises that how to find those mails and delete them because when the number of mails is around 2000 then it becomes really hard for an individual to find such mail, But still as usual I have a remedy for you and thus I would like to share with all my readers. The name of this solution is Find Big mail and this is the web-service for Gmail accounts only.
Now from the name of this service you can very well identify that it is used to find the large emails present in your email account and let me tell you that it is very simple to use. Click the link provided at the end of this post, this will direct you to another site, which will ask you to submit the email ID of you account. The page will look similar as shown in the snapshot below. In the indicated field, the email address will be filled and then click the button ‘Click Here’. Now you will be directed towards another webpage of Gmail, which will you ask you to grant access to this site.
There is no need to worry as that access will be granted for once and it will not make any wrong use of it. It will only access your email inbox, when you grant the access. Every time it requires an access to access your inbox and hence your password will be safe. The page where the access will be granted can be seen in the snapshot shown below.
After you grant the access, you will directed to the results where all the stats as shown below in the snapshot will be displayed. The result will be categorized in three different categories i.e., Big Mails, Really Big Mails and Ultra Big Mails. They have not specified the size limit for each of the categorization, but as far as my experience is concerned you can see the numbers shown below in the snapshot and I suppose that the size limit depends upon the average size of the mails which are stored in your inbox. If the any mails is exceptionally heavier as compared to that average then then It will be categorized under Ultra Big Mail and similarly this type of classification norms will be used for the other two categories i.e.Big Mail and Really Big Mails will have heavy and heavier mails respectively under their labels.
All the mail will be categorized under certain labels in the inbox and then you can check those mails very easily by just clicking on those labels and then you can check all the mails, once you confirm them to be useless you can delete them. Once you do so, you will have sufficient space to continue you work for few more days or you can keep using it while you are working normally with your account as you will never have useless huge mails which will occupy your inbox.
Initially we told you about a service known as Other Inbox and it was responsible to categorize your mails in the inbox, so that you need not have to face difficulty while find the mails which have been sent from your friends and the mails which have been generated and send commercially. This web service is also analogous to that one and this will surely help you a lot. Even if you feel that your labels will be overcrowded then you can delete the fake heavy mails and then also delete the labels as whenever you will be using it again.
I found this to be compatible with Mozilla browser and hope that it should be compatible with other browsers also like Internet Explorer, Safari and more. But still I am not sure about Google Chrome, If it worked on Google then please put it down in the comments section, we will be glad to share it. I hope that it will be very much useful to you as for those who were thinking of shifting to Yahoo! Mail and hotmail. Honestly speaking that apart from this space constraint, there are many features which are good in Gmail as whenever you will enter the address the address will be saved in the contacts whereas it is not the same with Yahoo. You will manually have to save the email-addresses. So I think it was a nice initiative from my team and I do expect that it will help you all. Have a nice Day!!!

TrafficWasher is the parental control software and the perfect solution to control usage of the Internet!

TrafficWasherTrafficWasher is the parental control software and the perfect solution to control usage of the Internet! It automatically bans the sites from the “Black sites list” and it checks each Internet page for the adult content. If TrafficWasher finds some obscene content then the viewing of such page will be blocked immediately.
Moreover you can allow the child to visit only the websites approved by you, restrict the computer games and the Internet by time, block any social networking site (like Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube), restrict ICQ chats by time and many other things.

Key features:

  • Be sure that all the content that sees your child is checked!
  • Provide a safe and secure online experience for your child!
  • Enforce a strict computing time schedule that allows Internet access by day of week and time of day.
  • Block access to games when your child is supposed to be doing schoolwork.
  • Set up blacklists that will block entire categories of websites.
  • Set up whitelists so that only sites that you approve can be visited.
  • Ban access to any instant message, email communication, or website that contains a forbidden keyword.
  • Receive a log of your child’s internet usage via email.
Note that best idea will be rewarded with a lifetime license of TrafficWasher. Use Idea Informer widget to submit your feedback and do not forget to fill in your name and e-mail – otherwise the Developer will not be able to contact you in case you are the one to w

Panasonic HDC-SDT750 3D Camcorder Now Shipping

by Dave Freeman 
Good news for Panasonic shooters looking for 3D. The new HDC-SDT750 has started shipping for $1399. The better news is that if you already have an HDC-HS700, you can get just the 3D attachment without buying the whole camera.
It turns out that the HDC-SDT750 isn’t a completely new camera, but rather an existing model with an adapter that converts the input to the camera to 3D. The best part of that is you can buy just the adapter for a mere $599, which will input full HD at 1080p into the camera.
[via 3D Display]

Create Keyboard Shortcut To Run, Open Anything On Windows

Create Keyboard Shortcut To Run, Open Anything On Windows

Shortcuts through keyboard keys are always helpful as they make us to do our work at a nice pace. We generally have shortcuts to different applications on our desktop but it is really very convenient when we go for using the keyboard shortcuts. What will you feel  if I tell you about a freeware with the help of which you can open any website through shortcut keys without even opening a browser. Today we will be reviewing a tool which will help you to create keys based shortcuts for any command which will run can run on your system. You can call this tool as Shortcutor and it is really magnificent, you will know why!!!
This tool will let you to create shortcuts for opening a website, launching any application, increasing or decreasing a volume or any other operation. This tool will have some default shortcuts already created like increasing or decreasing the volume, shutting down or restarting the computer and few more which can be seen in the snapshot shown below. This will not create the permanent shortcuts in your system but as long as the tool is being launched on the system these shortcuts will work.
As soon as you launch this tool it will be minimized on the taskbar tray and then if you want to use it then just give a single click to it and then you can configure it according to your needs. Now, You can see there is an option named as ‘’ and there is shortcut link written in front of it, which is ‘Alt+T’. This link has been created by me. If you want to add the link then use the toolbar and then add a blank field, now start filling the blank field, in the very first column entry you will have to name the shortcut and then you will have to decide the application or the any command which has to be performed by that shortcut.
Now you will have to fill the shortcut key entry where you will enter the name of the keys which are supposed to be pressed in order to use that shortcut. That’s it you will be easily able to open that site with the help of keys without even opening the browser. As automatically the browser will be opened. The size of this tool is around 2.6 Mb and it compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7Ultimate edition.

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Hangair by Noel Zahra

Hangair by Noel Zahra
Posted: 17 Dec 2010 12:50 AM PST
Simple and portable, the Hangair is a stylish approach to the demands of contemporary life. It has been designed to celebrate mobility and the maximization of space, targeted to the needs of the commuting career-driven city dweller but useful to all. Made out of four pieces of aluminum, the Hangair can be unfolded with ease, enabling the user to hang clothes in situations where space is limited. It can then be conveniently folded away to a size sufficiently compact for it to fit in a laptop bag or car-door compartment. For the manufacturer, the design is equally straightforward since it is fabricated out of one material, which also allows it to proclaim high levels of recyclability. A stripped-back, practical product, the design conforms to the requirements of the contemporary consumer.
Designer : Noel Zahra


Voice Clarifying Amplifier

Voice Clarifying Amplifier
Posted: 16 Dec 2010 02:33 PM PST
When we get older, different parts of our body start to break down and not function as before. For some of us, it is our vision that starts to deteriorate, and for others, their hearing. Well, good thing there are advancements made in the field of technology that will correct such situations to a certain extent without the need for surgery. The Voice Clarifying Amplifier is pretty much self-explanatory, as this digital earpiece will amplify and clarify voices while minimizing distracting background noise. Inside, there lies an advanced microchip that will amplify any human speech frequencies while dampening background noise in order for spoken words to be clearly audible. This works differently from lesser analog models that merely make all sounds louder, as it is a superior digital earpiece that specifically amplifies voice pitch so words are easier to discern. Nice to know it comes with a rechargeable battery inside as well, making it work for up to 10 hours after a dozen hours of charging. Sporting eight adjustable volume levels, each $299.95 purchase comes with a quartet of different sized silicone caps to accommodate all ear

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List Of Commands That Can Run During Windows Server Installation

There may be times when you forget to perform a preinstallation task prior to starting the Windows Server 2008 R2 installation. Rather than restarting the operating system, you can access a command prompt from Setup or use advanced drive options to perform the necessary administrative tasks.
Using the Command Line During Installation
When you access a command prompt from Setup, you access the MINWINPC (mini Windows PC) environment used by Setup to install the OS. During installation, on the Where Do You Want To Install Windows page, you can access a command prompt by pressing Shift+F10. The mini Windows PC environment provides access to many of the same command-line tools that are available in a standard installation of Windows Server 2008 R2.
Here’s a look on all the available commands, mentioned below
ARP Displays and modifies the IP-to-physical address translation tables used by the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP).
ASSOC Displays and modifies file extension associations.
ATTRIB Displays and changes file attributes.
CALL Calls a script or script label as a procedure.
CD/CHDIR Displays the name of or changes the current directory.
CHKDSK Checks a disk for errors and displays a report.
CHKNTFS Displays the status of volumes. Sets or excludes volumes from automatic system checking when the computer is started.
CHOICE Creates a list from which users can select one of several choices in a batch script.
CLS Clears the console window.
CMD Starts a new instance of the Windows command shell.
COLOR Sets the colors of the command-shell window.
CONVERT Converts FAT volumes to NTFS.
COPY Copies or combines files.
DATE Displays or sets the system date.
DEL Deletes one or more files.
DIR Displays a list of files and subdirectories within a directory.
DISKPART Invokes a text-mode command interpreter so thatyou can manage disks, partitions, and volumes using a separate command prompt and commands that are internal to DISKPART.
DISM Services and manages Windows images.
DOSKEY Edits command lines, recalls Windows commands, and creates macros.
ECHO Displays messages or turns command echoing on or off.
ENDLOCAL Ends localization of environment changes in a batch file.
ERASE Deletes one or more files.
EXIT Exits the command interpreter.
EXPAND Uncompresses files.
FIND Searches for a text string in files.
FOR Runs a specified command for each file in a set of files.
FORMAT Formats a floppy disk or hard drive.
FTP Transfers files.
FTYPE Displays or modifies file types used in file extension associations.
GOTO Directs the Windows command interpreter to a labeled line in a script.
HOSTNAME Prints the computer’s name.
IF Performs conditional processing in batch programs.
IPCONFIG Displays TCP/IP configuration.
LABEL Creates, changes, or deletes the volume label of a disk.
MD/MKDIR Creates a directory or subdirectory.
MORE Displays output one screen at a time.
MOUNTVOL Manages a volume mount point.
MOVE Moves files from one directory to another directory on the same drive.
NBTSTAT Displays the status of NetBIOS.
NET ACCOUNTS Manages user account and password policies.
NET COMPUTER Adds or removes computers from a domain.
NET CONFIG SERVER Displays or modifies configuration of a server service.
NET CONFIG WORKSTATION Displays or modifies configuration of a workstation service.
NET CONTINUE Resumes a paused service.
NET FILE Displays or manages open files on a server.
NET GROUP Displays or manages global groups.
NET LOCALGROUP Displays or manages local group accounts.
NET NAME Displays or modifies recipients for messenger service messages.
NET PAUSE Suspends a service.
NET PRINT Displays or manages print jobs and shared queues.
NET SEND Sends a messenger service message.
NET SESSION Lists or disconnects sessions.
NET SHARE Displays or manages shared printers and directories.
NET START Lists or starts network services.
NET STATISTICS Displays workstation and server statistics.
NET STOP Stops services.
NET TIME Displays or synchronizes network time.
NET USE Displays or manages remote connections.
NET USER Displays or manages local user accounts.
NET VIEW Displays network resources or computers.
NETSH Invokes a separate command prompt that allows you to manage the configuration of various network services on local and remote computers.
NETSTAT Displays the status of network connections.
PATH Displays or sets a search path for executable files in the current command window.
PATHPING Traces routes and provides packet loss information.
PAUSE Suspends processing of a script and waits for keyboard input.
PING Determines whether a network connection can be established.
POPD Changes to the directory stored by PUSHD.
PRINT Prints a text file.
PROMPT Modifies the Windows command prompt.
PUSHD Saves the current directory and then changes to a new directory.
RD/RMDIR Removes a directory.
RECOVER Recovers readable information from a bad or defective disk.
REG ADD Adds a new subkey or entry to the registry.
REG COMPARE Compares registry subkeys or entries.
REG COPY Copies a registry entry to a specified key path on a local or remote system.
REG DELETE Deletes a subkey or entries from the registry.
REG QUERY Lists the entries under a key and the names of subkeys (if any).
REG RESTORE Writes saved subkeys and entries back to the registry.
REG SAVE Saves a copy of specified subkeys, entries, and values to a file.
REGSVR32 Registers and unregisters DLLs.
REM Adds comments to scripts.
REN Renames a file.
ROUTE Manages network routing tables.
SET Displays or modifies Windows environment variables. Also used to evaluate numeric expressions at the command line.
SETLOCAL Begins localization of environment changes in a batch file.
SFC Scans and verifies protected system files.
SHIFT Shifts the position of replaceable parameters in scripts.
START Starts a new command-shell window to run a specified program or command.
SUBST Maps a path to a drive letter.
TIME Displays or sets the system time.
TITLE Sets the title for the command-shell window.
TRACERT Displays the path between computers.
TYPE Displays the contents of a text file.
VER Displays the Windows version.
VERIFY Tells Windows whether to verify that your files are written correctly to a disk.
VOL Displays a disk volume label and serial number.