Sunday, December 5, 2010

7 Extra Features In Windows 7 With Preme

Windows 7 is a till the best, stable and performance oriented OS released from Microsoft till date, with the release of windows 7 there are lot more new features which got introduced which could make the life of a windows user easy. There features include AerosnapAero Peek and lot more other useful features in windows 7
Preme is a freeware utility for windows 7 which adds 7 useful extra features in windows, following is a visual description all the new features added as shown in the image below.
This application is really simple, and it is also portable as it just requires to be copied to the startup folder. It will make no registry changes so you can be sure that it wont crash or conflict with other program on your windows 7 machine.

It is very light on system resources and will use 3 MB of your RAM to run and make windows 7 more useful, productive and better Operating System to use. This utlity is designed to work on windows 7 only, and compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit version of windows.
Note: You find and explore some more hidden options on the application interface by clicking the more button.