Saturday, December 18, 2010

Find Large Size Emails, Big Attachments In Gmail

We all know that Google has Gmail, which is one of the best email-service providers. Now you may contradict my statement by telling that Gmail does not have the facility to provide the unlimited storage space for your account whereas Hotmail and Yahoo do provide this feature. But you know that 7.5 Gb space which has been allotted by them takes lots and lots of time to be filled and generally most of the users cannot fill it, but the users who are supposed to transfer huge amount of data on the mail, they may face this limited space problem.
Now I can recommend you a remedy that you can go for deleting the heavy mails which are somewhere present in your mail and then your mail account can live up for few more days. But now again a problem arises that how to find those mails and delete them because when the number of mails is around 2000 then it becomes really hard for an individual to find such mail, But still as usual I have a remedy for you and thus I would like to share with all my readers. The name of this solution is Find Big mail and this is the web-service for Gmail accounts only.
Now from the name of this service you can very well identify that it is used to find the large emails present in your email account and let me tell you that it is very simple to use. Click the link provided at the end of this post, this will direct you to another site, which will ask you to submit the email ID of you account. The page will look similar as shown in the snapshot below. In the indicated field, the email address will be filled and then click the button ‘Click Here’. Now you will be directed towards another webpage of Gmail, which will you ask you to grant access to this site.
There is no need to worry as that access will be granted for once and it will not make any wrong use of it. It will only access your email inbox, when you grant the access. Every time it requires an access to access your inbox and hence your password will be safe. The page where the access will be granted can be seen in the snapshot shown below.
After you grant the access, you will directed to the results where all the stats as shown below in the snapshot will be displayed. The result will be categorized in three different categories i.e., Big Mails, Really Big Mails and Ultra Big Mails. They have not specified the size limit for each of the categorization, but as far as my experience is concerned you can see the numbers shown below in the snapshot and I suppose that the size limit depends upon the average size of the mails which are stored in your inbox. If the any mails is exceptionally heavier as compared to that average then then It will be categorized under Ultra Big Mail and similarly this type of classification norms will be used for the other two categories i.e.Big Mail and Really Big Mails will have heavy and heavier mails respectively under their labels.
All the mail will be categorized under certain labels in the inbox and then you can check those mails very easily by just clicking on those labels and then you can check all the mails, once you confirm them to be useless you can delete them. Once you do so, you will have sufficient space to continue you work for few more days or you can keep using it while you are working normally with your account as you will never have useless huge mails which will occupy your inbox.
Initially we told you about a service known as Other Inbox and it was responsible to categorize your mails in the inbox, so that you need not have to face difficulty while find the mails which have been sent from your friends and the mails which have been generated and send commercially. This web service is also analogous to that one and this will surely help you a lot. Even if you feel that your labels will be overcrowded then you can delete the fake heavy mails and then also delete the labels as whenever you will be using it again.
I found this to be compatible with Mozilla browser and hope that it should be compatible with other browsers also like Internet Explorer, Safari and more. But still I am not sure about Google Chrome, If it worked on Google then please put it down in the comments section, we will be glad to share it. I hope that it will be very much useful to you as for those who were thinking of shifting to Yahoo! Mail and hotmail. Honestly speaking that apart from this space constraint, there are many features which are good in Gmail as whenever you will enter the address the address will be saved in the contacts whereas it is not the same with Yahoo. You will manually have to save the email-addresses. So I think it was a nice initiative from my team and I do expect that it will help you all. Have a nice Day!!!