Friday, October 8, 2010

Win 7 System Optimization Made Easy With Mz7

Good news for all those who want their computers to be faster ,more stable and more secure. Mz tools are out with their new, easy to use, complete system optimization tool for windows 7.
Mz7 is a free, complete system optimization tool which compiles all the useful utilities available for the optimization of the computer as per the user’s own needs in a simple and useful interface, thus improving the performance of the computer overall.
Mz7’s main features include :
Boost up performance
Speed up games
Tweak and individuate windows
Increased system security
Smart memory and processor management
Increase network performance and download speeds
Optimize and backup your registry
Remove unused and temporary files from your computer
Configure window startup and services
Manage power plans for laptops and schedule shutdown.
The installation of this program was very swift and the time taken was roughly around a minute.The interface is very colorful and user-friendly, which seems to be quite decent for a free ware utility application.
As soon as we run the program the first option that pops up is : Performance Tweaks
shot 1
This option is related to performance of the computer and include options such as CPU Tweaks , Hard Disk Tweaks and Memory Tweaks,
which in further gives you options like CPU system optimization, processor priority control, NTFS file system optimization with the hard disk and windows cache optimization with Memory Tweaks.With this option you can resolve the CPU related issues of your computer and optimize it in such a way that it improves the computer’s performance.
Second option we have is : Windows Tweaks
In this section we have options for windows related settings such as Core System TweaksStartup Tweaks and Shutdown Tweaks.
This further integrates into options like optimizing the hard disks when they are idle, enabling defragmentation while boot up and power off button related actions. With these options you can set up your computer to run utilities while start up , idle or during shut down automatically, hence removing the burden of remembering to do tasks from a person’s mind and at the same time run the utilities which help to improve the response of windows environment.
Next we have : Internet Tweaks
shot 3
This section includes Network TweaksInternet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
It relates to tools for optimizing network connections and your internet browser. In this screen you have options such as limit bandwidth, optimize DNS error caching, disable page transitions and disable visual style controls and other options which help you to improve performance of your network connections and internet browsers and enable you to increase download speeds.
Fourth option is : Customization Tweaks
shot 4
This section includes Taskbar TweaksWindows Aero Tweaks and Context Menu Tweaks.
These tweaks will help you to enable or disable things like aero animations, aero snaps and aero blur effects, task bar buttons and other related stuff.
These options will further enable you to customize your taskbar and other context menu items according to your need of performance or looks.
Fifth option is : Security Tweaks
snapshot 5
This section includes Network Security TweaksSystem Security Tweaks and UAC Control Center.
This segment will help you to restrict anonymous access, disable recent shares in public places and change remote connection settings
This section provides your computer with better network and system security, therefore making your computer more secure.
The sixth option is : Useful Tools
This section includes Mz Ultimate ToolsWindows Tools and Ultimate Control Panel.
This section is a pile up of almost all the tools you will ever need to run on your computer for optimization, like advance CPU optimizer utility, smart RAM optimization utility and windows task manager to name just a few.You will never have to search for any tool again.
The remaining two options are : Automatic Optimization and Backup-Restore Centre
7 8
The first one automatically scans the computer and optimizes according to pre run user inputs such as type of internet connection and advance options like cleaning up of temporary files.
The latter one helps you to backup registries, restore registries and schedule backups.
To conclude I would say that this is a a must have for all the computer owners since it removes the need of searching around for tools which we normally use in our weekly routine to enhance the performance of our system, at the same time it makes the computer more stable and secure as well.The interface of this software is very easy to understand and good looking, also it compiles a number of useful utilities in a very organized and simple manner. Installation is very quick and speedy, the best part is that you get all the action for FREE.