Sunday, October 10, 2010

Windows LAN Messenger Program

Generally in hostels and other workplaces, when many systems are connected through LAN then we use some sort of messenger to transfer the data from one system to another or if you want to make use of LAN transfer speed in order to have voice chat or video chat. I will personally recommend this tool to all of my friends. Initially we used to use IP messenger, as it was too small and it was portable also, but now if I start comparing the advantages of this tool over IP then the list id too long. This tool is known as Big Ant Messenger and it is used for interacting with other users over LAN.
This tool comprises of two set-ups. One of them is used to setup the administrator rights for this tool i.e. this setup will create all the logins for the other users  connected to that server. The user who has install this setup is termed as the administrator of the server on LAN and all the operations being performed on the LAN can be monitored with the help of this tool.
Another setup of this tool is like a normal messenger which will consist of a window where you can login by specifying the IP address of your system and the user name and password which has been allotted to you by the administrator of the server who has installed the that previous set-up described above. The snapshot of the messenger has been shown above in the snapshot and then you can go for voice chatting, video chatting and file transfer anywhere on LAN but the condition is that other user should also be connected to the LAN using same application.
The administrator has all the rights to control the traffic on the LAN network and he/she can see the users who are currently logged on and what sort of activities are being done by him. You can see the options available for him in the snapshot shown above. The size of this tool is around 19 Mbs, which is not small.  As already mentioned it will consist of two setups. It will not time to get installed but it might take some time to be configured.
This tool is expected to be compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit edition.
Download Big Ant Messenger