Sunday, October 3, 2010

Modify Images In Batches Mode Easily

We all must have dozens of images (of a vacation, party or random) in our computer that we want to share with our friends but don’t because they are unedited and unnamed. Also, we avoid sitting in front of our computer for long hours using those complicated image editing tools. But, now with Easy Image Editor we can take a sigh of relief.
Easy Image Editor is a portable and easy to use utility which provides the option of modifying images in batches within minutes. It works properly on windows 98, XP, 2000, 2003, vista and 7.
It is downloaded in the zip format so there is no need of installation. You just have to extract the application and start working with it. At first we have to load the unedited images by using option ‘Load’ or ‘CTRL*+L’.
After selecting the images, there are ‘edit’ option in which we can realign( i.e. rotate 90 degree, rotate 180 degree, flip and more) and resize by specifying the exact height and width of required images. We can also use magnified image by specifying the percentage (may be 50%, 100%, 200% or 300%).
The option ‘Saving’ provides the option of changing images to 3 formats.
The ‘jpg’ is a lossy format i.e. every time you save images in this format some quality is lost but it has a great advantage of using little space. In ‘png’, compression is lossless and compact. The ‘bmp’ works without compression which brings high processing speed but leads to huge file size.
The ‘Filename’ can be saved in different ways by adding either number of the image, name of the images, size in kb, size in mb or all of them.
The ‘Destination’ can be chosen by browsing for the folder or by dragging the output folder to the destination box.
While loading it also provides the option of scanning sub-folders and adding hidden images.
After all the setting, you just have to click to start the processing. You can abort or pause the process in between even after starting.
It also provides some ‘Additional settings’ options. The ‘sort image’ sort the images either by date, filesize, filename etc or by ascending or descending. The ‘jpg specific’ option is an important feature which provides the option of removing meta information (like the model, exposure time and more) of digital camera.
Likewise, there are option of ‘Resizing’ and ‘Saving’ whose sub-options are self-explanatory.
Download Easy Image editor