Friday, March 2, 2012

Stop Loading Of Webpages After A Specific Amount Of Time [Chrome]

If your webpages take forever to load and if you want to stop loading of webpages after a specific amount of time, then Stop Load, Chrome extension, can be of help. This simple but useful extension stops pages from loading automatically after a certain amount of time. After installing the extension, all you need to do is set a time from the Stop Load Options. Moreover, Stop Load can be used to see the amount of content that loads after a specific amount of time, or can be used for other testing purposes.
The Stop Load Options allow you to set a time for the second delay. Enter your desired time and hit Save.For instance, if you set the time to zero seconds, then the page wont be able to load at all, and a blank page for the website will be displayed. You will notice that the  webpage immediately stops after the set amount of time.
Stop Load Options
The extension can be quite useful specially when you’re working with a large number of tabs that never stop loading. Instead of manually stopping the loading process for each tab, set a time from the extension’s options to stop loading. The extension can be grabbed from the link below.