Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Encrypt Folders In Windows

If your laptop is being shared among many of the friends then you tend to keep some of the folders locked on our system, which has got some private stuff and friends are always after doing the things from which you have restricted them. They will try their best to break the password of your locked folder and there are chances that they even unlock it by any other means. So, I hope that you must be needing a better solution to this which will help you to retain the privacy of the files on your system.
Encrypt your files
In this post we will tell you about a tool named as Handy Encryption. As the name tells that it will encrypt your file thus making it impossible to be used to by any other or I should say that even if you friend copies that folder to his USB he will not be able to read that file or a folder. This tool encrypts the file or I should say that it will change format of file and only this tool can decrypt that file. Once you launch this portable tool, you will see a small application window.
If you can want to encrypt a file then click the key symbol and then it will ask you to name the encrypted file, moreover it will also ask whether to replace the original file or not. Once you have entered all your choices, you will have to enter the passcode for the file which will be used in future to decrypt that file. After all these formalities, the file will be encrypted and then you will see that you cannot open that file. Now the best part about that tool is that the tools which automatically try the full list of passwords will not be able to break this passcode, because this tool accepts all the passcodes but opens the file for only the correct passcode.
We have mentioned a video for the tutorial of this tool which might help to get the clear understanding on how to use this tool. This means that it is quite secure as compared to locking tools which are generally available on internet. The size of this tool is around 1.7 and it has been tested on the latest version of Windows, so it will run on all the version of Windows. Please let us know if you face any issues while using it.
Download Handy Encryption