Friday, March 2, 2012

Menu To Windows 8 Using ViStart

Bring Back The Start Orb/ 

If you have downloaded and started using Windows 8 Consumer Preview, you must have noticed and greatly missed the Start Orb of Windows 7. Microsoft has decided to make the infamous Windows Start Menu a thing of the past and replace it with the flashy and colorful Start Screen. But as they say, old habits die hard, and while using Windows 8, more than once have we longed for the Start Orb. Getting used to the new Start Screen will surely take some time. Till you get used to working with the Start Screen, you can use a useful little tool called ViStart that adds a Start Orb and brings the Start Menu to Windows 8. Originally, this application was meant for Windows 7, so it has some issues on Windows 8. Read on to find out about the pros and cons that ViStart brings to Windows 8.
The application is pretty easy to install, and as soon as the installation process is complete, you can see the familiar Start Orb in the left bottom corner of your screen. However, that’s also when you encounter the first issue, that is, the Orb partly covers the first Quick Launch icon or the application icon in the taskbar. All the menus available in Start Orb of Windows 7 are available in Windows 8, enabling you to easily access installed applications.
Other than the graphic issue, installing ViStart disables the default screenshot taking feature of Windows 8 with the Windows + Print Screen hotkey, and you cannot access the Start Screen with the Windows key. Basically, the application sort of hijacks the Windows key to open the Start Menu instead of performing the default functions of Windows 8. If this isn’t enough, another huge turnoff of the application is that it installs a registry scanner without giving any options to disable it during the installation. So, if you want to get the Start Orb in Windows 8, it sure is going to cost you a lot. Nevertheless, if you really want the Start Orb and Menu in Windows 8, this is one solution.
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