Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ion Ergonomic Air Mouse Glove

Now here is one unique mouse design if you are looking for something that is very different from the norm – the Ion Ergonomic Air Mouse Glove. Meant to replace the mouse, I do not think that it will be the next big thing on your desks though, simply because the design will take some getting used to, and it can be quite hard to change something that has worked so well all this while. You know the saying of not fixing something that isn’t broken, or reinventing the wheel. There is definitely a learning curve attached to the Ion Ergonomic Air Mouse Glove, but it should become second nature to you after a while.
For instance, if you want to scroll, you will need to enable Clicklock at first in the Control Panel, followed by clicking onto the scroll bar so that you are able to move up or down the page through the simple movement of your wrist. You index finger will be able to access both left and right click buttons, and there is also a pause button that lets you move around the room without having to take off the glove and affecting what goes on the screen. Since it is not tethered to a computer via USB, this wireless peripheral works great within a 35-feet radius. Would you dare drop $79.99 for this puppy?