Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Google Fiber

Google FiberGoogle Fiber is a revolution brought by Google that will make internet broadband speeds up to 100 times faster. The speed will be around 1 GB/s. But it also has a bad news attached to it, Google has started this service only in Kansas City. If you do not live there, then it might take long time to reach you.

How To Get Google Fiber :

Google Fiber is a combined process. You can not have Google Fiber at your own will. You need to convince your neighborhood to get Google Fiber too. Google has set goals for every locality. If the number of connections Google has asked for or the goal that Google has set is met, only then you would have Google Fiber in your locality. So you must ask your neighborhood to get Google Fiber too.

Pricing Of Google Fiber :

Google is offering 3 Plans under the Fiber revolution :
  • Free Internet : It offers the  internet at today’s average speed, the download speed will be up to 5 Mbps download, up to 1 Mbps upload speed, unlimited download and upload for at least 7 years. The subscription also includes a Network Box. You can anytime upgrade to any other high-speed plan with no additional equipment required. The one time cost for this plan would be $300 construction fee or 12 monthly installments of $25 + taxes.Google Fiber Network Box
  • Gigabit internet : This plan is the real Google Fiber plan. You will experience download and upload speed up to one gigabit (1GB). The plan comes with free 1TB Google Drive storage and upload and download are unlimited. You will have a one year contract, the $300 construction fee is waived off and you will have to pay $70 per month + taxes. This subscription also includes the Network Box.Google Fiber TV Box
  • Gigabit + TV : This package gives you the full Google experience. You will have a Network Box for Gigabit internet, a TV Box for watching TV, a Storage box for recording 2TBs or 500 hours of your favorite shows in HD and a Nexus 7 tablet  for surfing and watching all over your house, all free with this package. The specs are all same as Gigabit Internet but with added support for TV and storage. The plan will cost you $120 a month + taxes.Google Fiber Storage Box
In all Google Fiber will not bring us close only to the Internet but also give us full fledged entertainment by changing our TV experience too.  With Google Fiber you will be able to watch YouTube videos without having to wait for buffering to complete. You can also record your favorite TV shows and also have an ample space in cloud to a way for a better, secure and reliable space for storage.

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