Friday, December 9, 2011

VoIP Hopper Video Tutorials

As we have discussed before about VoIP hopper the IP based phone VLAN (virtual LAN) hopper, in the previous tutorial we have seen the theoretical background and the feature of VoIP hopper but in this article we will share three videos of VoIP hopper in which you will see the functionality of voip hopper.

Tutorial 1:  Assessment Mode video tutorial for VoIP Hopper

A tutorial demonstrating the new, exciting features for Assessment mode.  Until I can integrate DHCP spoofing for Avaya/Nortel into assessment mode, I've also shown how to do both Avaya and Nortel VLAN discovery at the end of the video.

Tutorial 2:  LLDP-MED features of VoIP Hopper

A tutorial demonstrating the new LLDP-MED capabilities.

Tutorial 3:  Hotel Exploit Demo ~ When DHCP is disabled

A tutorial demonstrating the same live demo showed at DefCon 19, in which DHCP was disabled on the VoIP VLAN subnet.  VoIP Hopper can still VLAN Hop and spoof the IP and MAC address of an IP Phone, as selected by the user.  This is a demonstration of the "s" option of Assessment mode.