Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mobile Video Sharing With Microvideos On

It seems as if nothing is growing faster than the mobile web and all the services that come with it. There are thousands upon thousands of mobile apps to download and lots of social networking sites have even taken their audience mobile to engage with others. is a new service that is taking mobile video sharing to a whole new level.

What Is Keek?

Put simply, Keek is Twitter for video sharing. Instead of using words and text to make a “tweet,” you use your webcam or the camera on your phone to make a short video, called a “keek.” You could even compare this service to a micro version of YouTube, because videos must be kept short on
You can connect with your friends, share funny videos, ask questions, reply back to other videos using “keekbacks” and so much more. All keek videos are embeddable, so you can share them on other major social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Keek Features

In many ways, Keek is extremely similar to Twitter. If you’re already familiar with the Twitter platform and enjoy using it, you’ll probably really like using Keek too. Here are the main features Keek has to offer.
User dashboard: After signing up, you can go to your dashboard to manage all your preferences, settings, your profile, comments, keeks, private keeks and notifications.
Stream: Your stream will show keeks, comments, follows, likes, kred and subscribers. You can leaves these checked or uncheck them to hide them from your stream. Customize it any way you want.
Android and iPhone apps: Keek has both mobiles apps compatible with Android and iPhone devices that you can download and use for free. Keek also has future plans to release mobile apps for other major mobile platforms as well.
36 second-long video limit: Videos or “keeks” cannot be any longer than 36 seconds to encourage users to keep it brief. This is very similar to Twitter’s 140-character limit with tweets.
Following and followers: Like Twitter, you can follow other users’ keeks to have them show up in your stream and be followed back by users so your keeks show up in their streams.
Keekmail and private keeks: If you want just one person to see one of your keeks, you can send them a private keek to their keekmail inbox.
Kred: Kred basically represents a score of your reputation on Keek. Your viewers can rate you as funny, entertaining, cool, informative, legendary, brilliant, inspiring and much more.
Comments: If you prefer to leave a quick textual comment on a keek, you can do so rather than being required to film a new keekback for every keek you respond to.
Network Wizard: If you want to expand your following and connect with people you already know, you can use the Network Wizard to easily invite friends that are not yet on Keek. Send Keek invites to your friends on Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo!, LinkedIn and others.
Latest keeks: Browse through the most recently uploaded keeks to discover new content, connect with new people and expand your network faster.

How to Sign Up

Signing up with Keek is just as easy as signing up for any other popular social network. It’s completely free and all you need is a username, an email address and a password.
You will then be asked if you want to upload an avatar picture and choose how you want to be connected to other users on Keek. Next, they will ask you if you want to invite friends to Keek and start building your network.
Overall, the user interface is relatively intuitive for the average Internet user. Here’s where you can sign up to start your own Keek account.