Friday, December 9, 2011

Catch up with the latest developer and IT tech resources

Intel Software Insight—Check out this new gateway (formerly Intel® Software Insight eMagazine) designed to give expert software developers and IT pros instant access to robust technical resources dedicated to the hottest software initiatives.

Best Downloads for Developers
Coding for Multithreaded Apps—Avoid the bugs, bottlenecks, or memory issues that can get in the way of powerful multicore processing using the insights in these articles.

7 Top Parallel and Mobile Coding Techniques—Develop code faster with tips pulled from our most-requested developer resources.

Eliminate Threading Errors Tech Guide—Uncover and fix hard-to-find data races, deadlocks, and other errors that impact code development and reliability with these step-by-step instructions.

11 Tips for Mobile Software Development—Up-to-date checklist of the latest guidelines for coding across markets, languages, platforms, and carriers.

Parallel Universe Issue #8—Visualize static and dynamic dependencies for faster parallelizing; learn about new tools for transitioning to manycore; and take an under-the-hood look at parallelizing biological simulation.

Best Downloads for IT Software Experts
Intelligent Desktop Virtualization (IDV)—Align your desktop management strategy and simplify centralized desktop management without sacrificing PC speed or mobility.

Virtualizing Enterprise SAP Deployments—Read how a multi-vendor proof-of-concept example resulted in near-linear scalability to support 8,000 concurrent users with a sub-second average response time1.

Symantec's Intelligence Report: September 2011—Stay updated on current cyber security threats and trends, including reports that the rate of polymorphic malware peaked at 72% of all email malware in September.

The New CIO Agenda—Accelerate your cloud computing rollout while targeting millions of dollars in cost savings.

Gartner Report: Cloud Services Brokerage (CSB)—Integrate and maintain cloud services using packaged API security services available from in-house or external brokerage intermediaries.

IBM, Intel Post Top Results for SAP Transaction Banking—IBM DB2* database technology achieved a record-setting 56,518,000 bank-account postings per hour with SAP Banking Services* running on a cluster of servers with Intel® Xeon® processors2 – read how in this benchmark white paper.