Saturday, November 27, 2010

Boost, Increase Speed, Faster Reliance NetConnect Plus Browsing

Boost, Increase Speed, Faster Reliance NetConnect Plus Browsing
Posted: 28 Apr 2010 12:30 AM PDT

We have already written several tips and tricks for reliance broadband netconnect plus improve experience, enable hidden features etc. Today we will tell you a simple trick which works for many users using reliance netconnect broadband plus connection.
Reliance netconnect data card has some default settings which might prevent you from getting good speed while using it, follow the procedure below to experiment with existing settings and you might see a major difference just like me.

1. Open the Reliance Netconnect Interface and Click Settings [ Make sure you are connected to internet through reliance netconnect, or else you would need to disconnect when you change the settings ]
2. Now click Network in the left pane, now you might have Hybrid Connection selected in the network type, select the Broadband+ as network type and click apply and now connect to internet.
Reason To Change the Network Type - By default Hybrid mode is available in indian cities which includes metro cities in some selected areas, if the signals fall in their strength the connection would still be alive and will switch to the lower speed mode of 1x which gives 144 kbps. It will also result in frequent disconnection.
On the other hand if you switch to broadband+ connection type , it seems to be a stable network type in which you may experience better speed and will not experience frequent disconnections.