Monday, March 4, 2013

Auto-Refresh Any Website

Auto-Refresh Any Website At Regular Intervals To Monitor Changes

You can plow right through the app’s installation because Auto Web Page Refresh Software doesn’t try and trick you into installing bloatware. Once installed, the app developer’s home page will open in its own browser along with a window for you to edit the URL and define refresh intervals.
Enter the URL of the page you want to monitor. You don’t have to include HTTP or ‘www’ before the domain name. Enter the refresh interval in number of seconds and the maximum number of times a page should refresh. Entering 0 will simply disable it. Click ‘OK’ when you’re done.
Auto Web Page Refresh Software
To change the URL or modify the refresh interval later, go to File > Change URL to recall the settings window. Closing Auto Web Page Refresh Software’s browser window will exit the app.
Auto Web Page Refresh Software browser
Auto Web Page Refresh Software works well, but you will notice that the browser is bare bones. It will ask you to install Flash when required and will not be able to block pop ups at all.
The refresh interval can only be defined in terms of seconds, and while it’s a good idea to use the smallest unit for more regular intervals, it would be just as reasonable if a user could define the refresh interval in minutes and hours. Unless you’re reading a live blog, or going through your Twitter timeline, it is rare that you would want to refresh a page that often. You could, of course, always calculate the number of seconds in larger time intervals, but it would be much more convenient if the app did that for you.