Friday, January 20, 2012

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Finally, here's your chance to benchmark your parallel programming tools and techniques against common industry practices. Dr. Dobbs recently surveyed developers about the challenges faced in developing and debugging parallel code for multicore. The results may surprise you.
Dr. Dobbs: State of Parallel Programming 2012
Your peers and academic researchers speak their mind in this research report, sounding off about the tools, trends and issues experienced out there in the wilds of parallel programming. Download the report to learn how other developers are parallelizing faster and more effectively.
Microsoft Visual Studio* 2010 is the most widely used tool for performance tuning, while Intel® Inspector XE was the top choice of developers who use tools to find threading defects.
The most sought-after tool capability: determining where parallelization should occur for maximum benefit.
Two-thirds say they never use concurrency debugging tools, although many academics argue these tools are extremely important.
Now explore the resources below for even more dev tips and how-tos for multicore programming.

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