Monday, January 23, 2012

1Weather Is a Detailed and Free Weather App for Android

Android: If you’ve been underwhelmed with the weather apps in the Android Market, 1Weather is feature packed, free, and definitely worth checking out.
1Weather stuffs an enormous amount of data into a single application. Using it you can check the current weather, future forecast, the high/low temp, probability of precipitation, humidity, wind speed, weather warnings, the weather radar, sun rise/set, moon rise/set, and even tap into local tweets about the weather in your area.
It seems like all that information would be overwhelming on a little smartphone screen but 1weather does a great job organizing everything and makes heavy use of icons to help quickly convey meaning without forcing you to read lots of tiny text.
Hit up the link below to check out additional screenshots and grab a copy for your phone. 1Weather is free, requires Android 2.1+.