Friday, October 14, 2011

Folder Monitor Notifies You Of Changes To Your Local Directories

Folder Monitor is a portable application which helps you monitor activity within a folder. It tracks files and folders when someone creates, deletes, modifies or renames a file. You can monitor local folders as well as remote locations and also choose which events to monitor, such as, creation, deletion, modification. The application sends notification with sound alerts whenever a monitored event occurs in your selected folders. The minimum time interval before the program notifies you about modifications within the same file can also be changed.
After launching the application, click inside the window and select Add Folder option to add the folders that you want to monitor.
Folder Monitor 3
When a folder is added to the list, Folder Monitor will start its monitoring process for the parent directory as well as any subfolders contained within. However, you can stop the program from monitoring subfolders by unchecking the Recursive option from right-click menu.
Folder Monitor 4
From Options (accessible from system tray menu), you can select which events to monitor. The visual and audio notifications can be turned on/off, and sound alerts can be replaced with custom sounds. The application also allows you to execute commands based on the changes in your files and folders.
Folder Monitor
Once configured, it immediately sends on-screen notifications when a change is made to specified folders. It will display the Time, File path, Name, New name (if the file is renamed) and Action performed on the file in Notification dialog.
Folder Monitor 2
The only downside of the application is that you cannot set individual preferences for folders about which events to monitor. File Monitor requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4 to work and runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
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