Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DeskSMS Pushes Your Text Messages to Your Desktop

Android: If you’d like to spend less time pecking at a little onscreen keyboard and more time quickly responding to text messages, DeskSMS pushes your text messages from your phone to your Gmail, GTalk, or DeskSMS web interface.
You install the app and configure it to talk to your Google account. From there you can have text messages pushed to your Gmail account or GTalk account and respond to them from within that service. The best part is that your replies will appear, seamlessly, from your phone number and not the email address of some sort of forwarding gateway.
In addition to accessing it via Gmail and GTalk, you can grab the Chrome or Firefox extension for browser integrated SMS pushes or use the web-based interface.
DeskSMS has a 14-day free trial; after that there is a one time purchase price of $4.99. Hit up the link below to download a copy and read more about the app. DeskSMS requires Android 2.2+.