Sunday, March 9, 2014

How to modify exe files?


*Resource Hacker
*Exe file


Resource Hacker is a light software for editing 32 bit applications, OCX, DLL and SCR files. 
You can modify applications by editing dialogs, editing or removing graphics and even removing some application functionality. I was so amazed of the things it can do. There are many tutorials online about how to use this tool so I won't go into too much detail describing how it works. Instead I would like to emphasize what it can do.

By using Reshacker you can:

  • String table: a bunch of crap, useful sometimes, basic programming knowladge needed.
  • Icon: You can wiew and change the icon(s) of the program by double-clicking the icon section,chossing the icon, right-clicking on it an pressing "replace resource". After that you can choose the icon you want to replace the original with.
  • Dialog:Here you can modify the messages or dialogs that appear in a program. Don't forget to press "Compile" when you're done!
  • RCData: Here the real hacking begins. Modify window titles, buttons, text, and lots more!
  • Cursor group: Change the mouse cursors used in the program just like you would change the icon.
  • WAV:Change the sounds in the program. with your own.
  • Bitmap: View or change images in the programs easy!

Download link:

Resource Hacker 


1. Don't try to edit a program by changing his source code in a dissasembler.Why?
Cause that's only for assemply and programmers experts only. try to open it in hex you'll only get tons of crap you don't understand.

2. Now download the resource hacker and install it. Run the program.

3. Go to File>Open. Find the exe you want to modify with resource hacker. In my case i open the file JipVPN.exe.

4. For these tutorial I will show only how to change the Icon Group and Version Info of Exe file. Expand the folder Icon Group>0 and Right-click and chooseReplace Resource 

5. Find the icon you want to replace with the original icon of the exe and after picking an icon you want, then you can click on Replace.

6. Now we go to Version Info expand it until you see 1033. In my case the original version info of the exe file is "Maynard". So we want to replace it with other name you want. See the image below and change the encircled with red any name you want and click compile script.

7. After compile success then you go to File and Save if you want to save the changes.

8. You're done