Wednesday, November 30, 2011

ChatTime offers free calls to 53 countries

ChatTime, a voice communication app for iPhone, is offering free calls between registered ChatTime users in 53 countries. If you’ve never heard of ChatTime before, it’s not a voice over IP (VOIP) application like Skype or Tango. Instead, it uses the voice network of your cellphone, so it works even when data isn’t available.
I personally think of it as a very fancy electronic calling card that doesn’t require me to type in a long series of numbers. In fact, the integration with the iPhone is quite good and the call quality was pretty decent (in a test call to the UK).
All in all, this is an interesting alternative to Skype, especially if you can get free calls to other ChatTime users, without having to rely on the data network. I wonder how long ChatTime will offer free calls…