Monday, September 19, 2011

Windows 8 New Features, Tips and Tricks

Windows 8 seems to be a game changer for windows users, with some great new useful feature and lot easy to understand metro style user interface as shown in the image below. Read our detailed screenshot guide of windows 8 new features and tips and tricks.
windows 8 start screen
For those geeks out there who used to do things in windows 8 with keyboard shortcuts, below is a list of all the shortcuts you can use on windows 8.
Global Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows 8 [ Works Everywhere ]
  • WIN + Q – open search.
  • WIN + Z – flip open applications.
  • Win + Spacebar – change the language / keyboard layout.
  • Win + Y – in time to show the desktop.
  • WIN + W – search on the parameters of the system.
  • WIN + F – Search for files.
  • WIN + I – open a new “Start” menu – “Settings”.
  • WIN + K – open a new menu “Start” – “Connections.”
  • WIN + K – open a new menu “Start” – “Connections.”
  • WIN + O – disable screen rotation (turn off the gyro reaction to the tablets)
  • WIN + C – open a new “Start” menu.
  • WIN + V – switching between notifications.
  • WIN + Shift + V – switching between notifications in reverse order.
  • WIN + Enter – run utilities Narrator, which reads aloud the titles and contents of all the opened windows.
  • WIN + PageUp – move the tiles to the left.
  • WIN + PgDown – move the tiles to the right.
  • WIN + Shift +. – Move the separator [screen] to the left.
  • WIN +. – Move the separator [screen] to the right.
Windows 8 Start Screen [ Metro UI Shortcuts ]
  • Just start typing with a keyboard in the Start screen to quickly search and launch applications.
  • Find additional applications (e.g. accessories generally found in the Start menu) can be found in the application list by clicking on the “Search” charm.
  • New shell keyboard shortcuts:
    • WIN+Q for application search
    • WIN+W for settings search
    • WIN+F for files search
    • WIN+I for “settings” charm bar
    • WIN+O for rotation lock
    • WIN+C to bring up simple “Start menu” and time/date
  • Most old shell keyboard shortcuts also work: e.g. WIN+D activates desktop, WIN+R opens “Run”, WIN+L locks user. WIN+E opens Explorer.
  • In mouse mode, activate the options/charms by moving the mouse to the bottom left edge (where the Windows button used to be).
  • In mouse mode, right clicking activates in-app options.
  • With a keyboard, you can use the arrow keys and page up/down to select tiles. Enter launches them. The “menu” button (the key with a drop down) selects them.
  • Make sure to check the “settings” charm in applications to reveal app-specific settings.
  • Enable the “high contrast” mode in Control Panel > Ease of Access to see a dark themed Start screen (above)
  • Press the windows keys twice to toggle in between the last app opened and windows 8 start screen
Windows 8 Windows Explorer Shortcuts
Press ALT. The tape shows tips for each button. Now press:
  • A – to open the “special features”
  • C O – to copy the selected items.
  • C P – copy the path to the file / folder.
  • C F – copy the folder (use the drop-down list)
  • D – delete the selected.
  • E – edit the selected files.
  • H – to show the history of file versions. I think the mechanism will be used by shadowing.
  • M – move the files (using the drop-down list).
  • N – Create a new folder.
  • P S – insert label
  • P R – open properties.
  • P E – Open With …, select the application again using a drop-down list.
  • S A – select all.
  • S N – deselect.
  • S I – invert the selection.
  • R – rename a selected file (s).
  • T – cut
  • V – to paste.
  • W – to create a new document, choose the template – using the drop-down list.