Tuesday, January 4, 2011

90 Day Windows 7 Enterprise For Free Till April 29, 2010

Hello Friends!!! Right now I am going to share a great news with you and this something related to Microsoft or I should say Windows 7 specifically. If you are a fan of Windows then you must know that Microsoft released the trial version of its latest OS till December 2011, which was supposed to end by the end of year 2010 but I have a surprise for you and in this post I will be talking more about it.


From time to time various organizations like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other similar companies try their best to lure the users by offering them the best features and moreover some of the offers are also required to create the reliability on the tools developed by these firms. Similarly this time Microsoft offered their new OS for free or I should say as a Trial Version for limited amount of time. The offer was supposed to be valid till the end of this year but they have decided it to extend it till the April of 2011. They have finally decided to prolong the trail version till the April of this month. Now this may have few reasons behind it.

There are many users who love to work on Ubuntu and Fedora but when they will lay their hands in Windows 7 then they will definitely feel very easy to work on it and when they will be using it for such a long time then they might become dependent to that platform. Honestly speaking it is the most popular platform for the system with the availability of large number of applications everywhere. You can download the Enterprise edition of the Windows 7 which is equivalent to the full featured Ultimate edition and moreover if the trial version of this tool ends then you will not be able to work continuously as then you system will be shutting after every hour once this period of this trial version ends.

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